Our made-to-order wedding rings pair is a testament to the special bond you share, combining our base unique design with the opportunity to infuse personalize touches that reflect your individuality as a couple.

Crafted from the Heart: Our wedding ring set begins with a distinctive base design, expertly crafted to embody elegance and timelessness. The foundation of the rings showcases the perfect balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics.

Tailored to Perfection: What sets our wedding rings apart is the ability to customize certain details to align with your personal preferences. You have the freedom to select the finer points that resonate with your style – from intricate details to subtle finishings. Your vision drives the customization process, ensuring that your rings authentically reflect your journey together.

A Fit Like No Other: Each ring is meticulously resized according to the dimensions provided by you. Our commitment to a perfect fit ensures that your rings are a perfect fit as you wear them every day.

Exceptional Quality, Guaranteed: To ensure your complete satisfaction, we provide a free complimentary test sample before finalizing your wedding ring pair. This allows you to experience the design firsthand, test the fit, and make any necessary adjustments. Only when you're satisfied with the prototype we proceed to craft your final wedding bands.

Metal Options: Choose from a range of premium metals to craft your rings. Our selection includes 18k Gold for a warm and classic glow, 14k White Gold for a sleek and modern aesthetic, and the deluxe option of full Platinum for the ultimate in luxury and durability.

Choose from a spectrum of finishes, ranging from highly polished to matte, to match your desires.

At Archived Prototypes, crafting your desired wedding rings is not just a process – it's an experience filled with creativity and precision.

Take your first step towards crafting the perfect custom wedding rings by connecting with us.




W01 - Platinum


W01 - 18K Gold